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Be progressive!

It just looks good! Turn yourself into progressive looking person and make your networking impressive and unforgettable!

Forgotten business cards?

Never feel bad about forgotten business cards. DigiCard Business Card is perfect backup saving any meeting or networking.

Go green!

Digital is a new standard. Let's not waste trees for tons of never used business cards. Use digital instead!

How it works

Create and download

Create your business card with our online generator - feel free to use your mobile phone if you prefer to.
Your new business card is immediately delivered into your email inbox and instantly ready to use.

Show your business card

Open Apple Wallet app for iOS or Passbook Wallet app for Android to show your business card.

Download Business Card Example

QR code scanned

Your business partner scans your QR code and instantly gets your contact into his/her phone.

Show me QR Code Example

Saved with one click

The business partner can easily save your full contact including your LinkedIn profile and office address. It's smooth and silky.


Single Business Card

199 CZK
  • Unlimited usage
  • Personalized photo and logo
  • Lifetime access

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